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Professional Liability

We are, at our core, problem solvers.


We are here to provide insurance solutions for a wide variety of professionals throughout the United States – from the most complex risks to professionals just starting their practices.

Our team looks for solutions and innovative ways to insure these professions. Data and analytics help us approach these risks differently. We place contractor’s professional liability and owner’s protective, real estate developer’s professional, as well as miscellaneous professional for US domiciled businesses.

Tom Bongi

Head of Professional

Before starting my insurance career, I worked as a civil litigator, defending architects, engineers, lawyers, accountants and doctors. I then supervised claims for a company that only insured architects and engineers.

I brought that combined experience with me into underwriting, including eight years building up the Professional Liability book at Catlin. I was a Senior Vice President at Argo Group when the call came to join Convex US; but even if I’d been CEO at Argo, I would have still jumped to Convex US.

Convex US has hired an all-star team of people who enjoy both where they work and what they do. That really shines through for brokers; they see motivated, happy and highly knowledgeable people who are willing and able to write their business.