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Digital Underwriting (US)

We partner with wholesale brokers across the US to automate low-complexity, hightransaction business on their trading platforms. We do this in a customized way that solves their problems today and helps them achieve their goals tomorrow.


Much more than moving from paper to portal Digital trading with wholesalers is growing in the US.
Many wholesale brokers are looking to carry commoditized products on their platforms, and they want to manage the process themselves. We provide wholesale brokers across the US with solutions that auto-rate, quote and bind their low-complexity, high-transaction business. Rather than try to fit our solutions to their problems, we ask what they want to trade and how, then custom design the best solution.
One that solves their problems today and helps them achieve their goals tomorrow. This customized approach, and the fact we’re a new entrant in the US market, means we don’t yet have a suite of products to showcase.
But our top-notch team will change how our distribution partners do business, we’ll expand our capabilities and build a range of off-the-shelf products.
  • Custom-designed

    We listen to your pain points and solve them through a tailored digital product that slots easily on to your platform

  • Fit for the future

    By addressing goals as well as problems, we create a solution that will change how you do business – today and tomorrow

  • An ongoing partnership

    We don’t just supply a tool and walk away. We work with you to grow your book in a way that complements ours

Ben French

Business Development, Digital Underwriting, US

I began my insurance career 15 years ago, as a Professional Liability underwriter at Hiscox. Some years later, I had a chance to work on a business transformation project looking at how technology could improve underwriting processes and performance.
I then moved to a digital trading platform. My heart lies in bringing products to market in an efficient, digitally traded way. So, when the opportunity came to lead business development for the Digital Underwriting team at Convex US, I couldn’t turn it down. The culture is great here. We have the resources we need to do our jobs well, with very few constraints. And we have a very supportive, high-performing team in the US.

Vincent Branch

Head of Digital Underwriting

Before joining Convex US, I’d been involved in P&C insurance for over 25 years, in a wide range of senior underwriting, innovation and actuarial roles.
I’m excited by Convex US. We have a compelling vision, a passion for our people and brokers and a uniquely collaborative culture. Ultimately, we’re creating something special together.

Who we do business with

We partner with wholesale brokers across the US who want to offer our products digitally on either trading platforms they’ve built themselves or bought. Our focus is on building a suite of APIs we can bring to these platforms.
And when a broker does not have their own platform, we will work with them to build one. Digital trading is best suited to less complex, more transactional products that require very basic information and no underwriting on top. As a result, we expect to do lots of business in Professional Liability in the US, as well as within Casualty more broadly. Think we could be a good fit? Get in touch

How we work

Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t build anything until we have a partnership with a wholesale broker and understand what they’re trying to achieve.
We aren’t trying to fit a square peg in a round hole by building something we can then only configure slightly. Instead, we design exactly what you need for your trading environment. We do this by working closely with our brokers and underwriting teams.
We start by asking brokers which of our products they would like to sell in a digital way. Or we ask our underwriters which part of their business could be suited to electronic trading, then take that idea to the market.