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Financial Lines

We offer Executive and Professional Liability coverages to directors, officers, and the businesses they lead. Our offerings are designed to support leaders on what they do best: making strategic decisions, and executing, in this rapidly changing economic environment.

Convex US provides the assurance of having an experienced team behind you at your time of need. A team that understands your business and brings a collaborative claims handling philosophy to defend and resolve claims that arise in business.


Any decision by a director or officer is a serious one: for them and the company they work for, whether that be a commercial enterprise or a financial institution. So, it’s vital they have the right cover in place, adjusted for their regulatory environment, to help defend against challenges to those decisions.

Our D&O insurance supports directors and officers in making those strategic decisions within a skeptical business environment that may challenge any move. We do this with thoughtful underwriting, exceptional claims service, and a collaborative approach. Convex Group’s claims service was the Service Quality Marque in the 2023 Gracechurch Claims Survey.

Hank Toolan

Head of Financial Lines

My parents met while working on Wall Street. They were both equity research analysts. My mother was the first-ever female analyst in the Oil & Gas industry. My father remembers Merrill Lynch (my eventual employer during the .com boom) being the underwriter on an IPO in 1971 for a company that later filed for bankruptcy, in 1972, after an accounting scandal. So, of course, I became a Management and Professional Liability underwriter. And I’ve been doing it for 21 years. The last 19 with XL in Hartford.

I joined Convex US in June 2023. My underwriting experience has always encompassed the two “sides” of Financial Lines (Commercial D&O; Financial Institutions) simultaneously. Having worked at a large and lean primary carrier I acquired a deep knowledge base and thoroughly developed my underwriting style. A style that I feel is aligned with Dave’s and Convex Group: reasonable, possibly complex, solutions that are achieved in a thoughtful and personable way.

How we work

We apply our substantial experience and well considered underwriting approach to solve the specific problems our brokers bring.

We work smart: based on decades of underwriting experience at a primary Financial Lines carrier(s) and using every underwriting opportunity as an iterative learning process by applying technology and structured data sets to gain insights into the insurance market as well as the macroeconomic market. We also work fast: experience combined with proprietary models enable us to make better, faster decisions and respond in the moment when brokers need us. And should there be a claim, our fully licensed claims process will manage it quickly and effectively.