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Property - Excess & Surplus


In an ever-changing E&S market, we stand out for placing meaningful and consistent capacity on a broad range of tough-to-place risks.
Wholesale brokers work with us for our consistency, flexibility, and commitment to service. Our extremely limited distribution allows us to provide a great level of service. 

Doug Lang

Head of E&S Property

I started my career in insurance as a CPA with Ernst & Young. I then transitioned into the world of property reinsurance with Validus Holdings in Bermuda. From there, I moved back to the US after Validus acquired Western World Insurance Group and started the move into the world of excess and surplus lines property insurance. Years later, Validus was acquired by AIG, and before joining Convex US, I spent the last few years managing a ~$50 million premium book I grew organically from the ground up as part of Lexington Mid-Market (Validus Specialty prior to being acquired). 

How we work

Wholesale brokers trust us to place meaningful, consistent capacity.

They appreciate that consistency along with the level of service our highly limited distribution affords us. In particular, our responsiveness is highly valued in an area where speed to market is a necessity. As for claims, our fully licensed claims process allows for claims to be handled independently in a responsive and efficient manner.

Who we do business with

We work with large wholesale brokers across the US with whom our team has longstanding relationships. One of our key differentiators is that we view risk differently, and are not afraid to take on tougher risks.

Generally, we underwrite lead primaries, but also entertain excess layers. Risks written vary from common risks falling out of the standard market to more esoteric risks that require bespoke solutions.