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Terrorism & Political Violence

An act of terrorism or political violence can have a huge impact on an organization, whether it happens at home or overseas. We’ll help to make sure your risks are fully covered.


We live in unsettled global times. Acts of Political Violence, Terrorism and War can expose firms operating both in the US and across multiple territories to increasing complex risk.

Our insurance is specifically designed to reduce that volatility. A single policy provides you with global coverage and clear definitions, so you have contract certainty that all your risks are covered. This includes emerging risks that may be hard to place, including nuclear, chemical, radiological and biological risks. And with no minimum premium, we can provide peace of mind to everyone from multinational companies to single location property owners.

James Dover

Head of Terrorism

I was Managing Director, Crisis Management for AON before moving into underwriting 10 years ago.

Joining Convex US was a very attractive proposition: the Convex Group is an exciting company with a fantastic reputation and exceptionally strong financial backing. People are refreshingly helpful, positive and collaborative too, which makes it easy to do business.

Madlen Nersessian-Hristova

VP, Terrorism

I started out in life insurance then got into speciality insurance after completing an MBA.

I joined Convex US a couple of years after moving into war and terrorism underwriting. It was great to come into an entrepreneurial culture where people are genuinely there to help you. I am excited about our capacity, knowledge, and experience that we are bringing to the Terrorism market.

Jessica Mall

VP, Terrorism

After studying Risk Management and Insurance at The University of Georgia, I started professional career underwriting professional liability.

I then moved to underwriting War and Terrorism where I really found my niche. Joining Convex US was an energizing change from other companies I worked at in the past. The culture at Convex US is special with rich expertise. Every person you encounter is extremely caring, helpful, and intelligent. I feel honored to be part of a growing and forwardthinking company.

How we work

Based in New York, our team brings 30 years of underwriting experience to bear for brokers across the US.

There are no minimum premiums or quick fixes – just a commitment to understanding each client’s risks and exposures and writing a policy that works exactly for them. We like to meet with our brokers in person. It helps us to find fresh ways to meet their needs, as well as to build the long-term relationships we value. And should there be a claim, our fully licensed claims process runs quickly and smoothly.

Who we do business with

We have a strong appetite for all types of US property and casualty terrorism risk. We work with brokers to meet the growing need for terrorism and political violence insurance.

We cover US businesses of all sizes from multinational companies, including their global exposures where needed, to single risk locations. We underwrite a broad book of real estate including: retail, hospitality, mixed-use commercial, residential, data warehouses, manufacturing and builder’s risk. AIso the following key sectors: energy, healthcare, education, places of worship and municipal risks.